DogandHorse178712120Animal health is a hot sector for investment right now because it is perceived as a quicker path to ROI as compared to human health.  From venture capital to IPOs, money is pouring into animal health.  Unfortunately, the animal health space has been a very niche, insular sector for its entire existence, at least as compared to human health.  Only now, with the emergence of the “publically traded animal health company”, something that did not exist in the U.S. prior to February 2013, has the sector emerged out of its cloistered history.   Readily available investment cash combined with a lack of knowledge about an entire industry can be a recipe for bad investments.

Investors looking at animal health need to recognize the unique attributes of the space and seek advice before investing.  This article, which appeared in Animal Pharm news, highlights a few differences between the human health and animal health sectors that make investing in animal health more challenging to novice investors.