This week, Kansas City was host to the 3rd Annual 2015 AgCatalyst conference, bringing together the brightest minds in social media, marketing, agriculture and food production in the agribusiness space. Conversations and panel discussions focused on defining digital marketing and how it applies to agribusiness, how to develop skills and tools useful in agribusiness marketing and demonstrating ways to deploy digital strategies via tools and case studies of current successful implementations within the food & ag industry.

Speakers included branding and media strategists from Monsanto, Fresh Air Farmer, AdFarm, AgTech, Farm Media Journal and Caterpillar, among several others. The overriding theme was ADVOCATING FOR AGRICULTURE and doing something different every day to make a difference in agriculture.

The two day conference closed with an emotional and entertaining discussion led by Greg Peterson, of the Peterson Farm Bros from Assaria, Kansas. Greg and his siblings farm with their parents and produce educational and entertaining videos on their YouTube channel. They began producing these videos after realizing there was a need to inform people about what they do in farming and in agriculture as a whole. There are many misconceptions about modern day farmers, and they feel it is their calling to help correct some of those misconceptions. Aside from their production on social media, they travel around the world to advocate for agriculture, blog about misunderstood topics and open their farm for tours. You can view a few examples of their entertaining videos here and here.

Next year’s AgCatalyst event will take place in Minneapolis, MN.

*Panels members pictured above from left to right: Shaun Haney, Founder of, Lindsay Sankey, Blogger of Jean’s Boots are Made for Talking, Jodi Oleen, Director of Consumer Outreach for Kansas Pork Association and Rosie Templeton, Public Relations Specialist for AdFarm.