As a member of the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD), Jim Ash attended the October Board meetings held at Purdue University. The Board held open public sessions that were web-streamed around the globe and sponsored several panels and discussion sessions. Jim held a session discussing the capital needs and financing issues facing smallholder farmers in developing countries. Panel sessions addressed Climate-Smart Agriculture, Plant Sciences Research and Education Pipeline, and State, Industry and University Partnership and Roles in Feeding a Growing World. In addition, the Board met in executive session to discuss several matters related to its role as an advisor to USAID and as a link to USAID for public universities, NGOs and private sector institutions that are involved in supporting the US Feed the Future programs. Ambassador Alfonse Lenhardt, USAID Administrator, attended Wednesday’s sessions and joined the Board for its executive session that day, providing a briefing on several issues of key concern to USAID.