Yesterday, Husch Blackwell attorneys focused on the firm’s precision agriculture initiative, Matt Grant and Bob Wilkinson, attended the “Agriculture and Data: Finding What Works” conference organized by the Precision Ag media group. The event took place at the airport Marriott in St. Louis, Missouri and was attended by a cross-section of providers and farmers from across the country.

The full day of panel discussions (agenda can be found here) focused on the standardization of data storage, value chain and privacy issues; and included speakers from industry leaders such as John Deere and Climate Corp. A presentation from Ag Gateway focused on efforts to ensure transparency and compatible software networking.  Growers actively participated in discussions regarding data storage, privacy, access and retrieval.

Farmer panelists provided a unique view into both the eagerness and concerns associated with grower adoption of what may be viewed as unproven software modeling and return on investment (ROI).

The standing room only crowd demonstrated the continued interest in the area of precision agriculture and big data. The Husch Blackwell Precision Ag team will continue to monitor and report further developments.