“Real food that matters for life’s moments.”  That’s Campbell’s stated purpose, and it’s commitment to increasing shelf space for plant-based options was further evidenced by its decision to join the Plant Based Food Association (PBFA) on October 30. The press release may be read here.

Campbell may be the first major food company to join PBFA, but we expect others to follow. The plant based food sector has grown by 8.1% this past year while total food sales within the same channels have experienced a slight decline, according to Nielsen (the retail research company).

Will Kellogg’s be next given its offerings under the MorningStar Farms® and Gardenburger® brands? It recognizes on its website that plant-based proteins are “more than just a fad” and “are fast becoming a larger part of everyday meal choices.” Tyson, General Mills and Danone are also each invested in the future of plant-based proteins (Beyond Meat, Kite Hill, and DanoneWave, respectively).

Even if membership in PBFA isn’t on the horizon for other majors, their continued investment in and develop of plant-based food products will undoubtedly continue – at least for so long as consumers increase their daily intake of such products.