Photo of Miguel Suazo

Miguel integrates energy law, public policy, and regulatory compliance to solve complex legal and business challenges for sophisticated energy and natural resources clients. Miguel’s experience has placed him at the nexus of business and energy, land-use, and natural resources law. He represents a variety of clients involved in the development of renewable energy projects, providing regulatory counsel, and big picture thinking that helps get projects across the finish line. Parallel to his renewable energy practice, Miguel has counseled public officials and private companies in connection with cryptocurrency and energy use, including how mining operations can utilize flared natural gas produced by shale fracking to power bitcoin mining facilities.

In case you missed it while preparing for your Turkey dinner, on November 22, 2021, the United States Supreme Court decided 9-0 that the Equitable Apportionment Doctrine, which had prior to this decision been held to apply only to surface waters, now also applies to interstate aquifers i.e., underground waters.  Mississippi v. Tennessee, et al. [1]
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